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Optimising your office space is essential to saving both time and money. Even the larger offices become cramped at times, with the thought of expanding into a new space deemed to be a real hassle for managers. However, space optimisation is far quicker and cheaper than relocating. What’s more, an office renovation might be exactly what demotivated employees need to boost them back to their best selves. Here’s a list of 5 handy tips to optimise your office space and help you get the most of what you have!


One of the best ways to optimise the office space you have is by maximising the natural light. Albeit placebo, introducing greater levels of natural light into the room is renowned as a cheap and effective way to boost employee mood and create the illusion of a more spacious office.

You can easily maximise natural light by swapping dingy old blinds to sheer ones which let more light through or keeping windows and doors open more often. Alternatively, you could invest in desk-based daylight lamps which reflect a similar light to that found outdoors.


A fresh lick of paint might also be just what you need to broaden your office and satisfy your team. Not only will the right tones create the illusion of more space and greater light, but painting will also encourage a clearance and perhaps a much needed renovation!

In particular, it’s recommended that you paint your office in lighter, brighter colours to optimise your office space. In fact, it’s been noted that bright colours such as white or pastel tones of green or yellow are the most illuminating colours. What’s more, brighter colours are commonly associated with feelings of motivation and positivity, making a bright shade the best way to optimise both your office space and your office morale.

Custom and Adaptable Fit Furniture

Although it can become pricey, custom fit furniture can be built to ensure a perfect fit, allowing you to utilise every small piece of space in your office for the best storage solutions. While pre-made furniture might be either too wide or too short, investing in custom fit furniture means you’ll be getting the most out of your office space.

In fact, to optimise your space even more it is worth investing in furniture which has adaptable and accommodates multiple purposes. For example, desks which fold away when not in use or can be adapted as a surface for something else. If you choose to go down this route, consider hiring an office clearance company to remove and recycle your old office furniture.