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Whilst office clearance is a hefty chore, the benefits of having a cleaner and more organised office far outweigh the hassle involved. Not only has research revealed that a clearer workspace enhances happiness, productivity and health, but it can also be the best strategic move for your business, by increasing convenience and space within the office. In greater detail, here are the core benefits of an office clearance: 

1. Creates a Healthier and Safer Workspace

General cleanliness is a significant benefit of office clearances since wide scale clearances allow for deep and thorough cleaning of the office in the process. With studies highlighting how germ-ridden our desks can become (400 times more contaminated than a toilet seat, to be precise!), it’s vital to practice good hygiene in the office!

Office clearances are a prime opportunity to reach all of the edges and corners of the office most typically neglected during a quick spruce and prevent the spread of bacteria and germs amongst colleagues. By spacing employees out further and using clearances as an opportunity to implement better cleaning practices, your office can more easily avoid the spread of germs and illnesses.

Clearances also provide the best opportunity to quickly identify and rectify any health and safety hazards that might endanger your employees. From stairwells stacked with boxes to blocked fire doors, clearances are crucial opportunities to ensure your office is legally compliant and as safe as possible.

2. Increase workplace morale and ethic

It is also widely rooted in research that having a clear and tidy workspace is proven to reduce stress levels and boost workplace morale. In fact, a cluttered workspace is largely associated with a cluttered mind. Psychologists often recommend creating a clear working and living space in order to think more clearly and the office is no exception.

Naturally, people become stressed when searching for things they have misplaced or working around clutter when it becomes inconvenient. By eliminating this mess, it can easily be seen how a major benefit of office clearances are better morale and lower stress levels.

3.Increases Productivity

We all know how challenging it can be to get a task done on a busy and cluttered desk, or in a messy environment in general. During a clearance, furniture, storage and equipment can be best placed to ensure the greatest office efficiency.

By placing equipment away neatly and conveniently, productivity inevitably improves because less time is wasted searching for things paperwork or tools and more time is spent on doing the things that matter - work!

4. Efficient Use of Space

Finally, office clearances are the perfect opportunity to better utilise your office space. Not only will it encourage you to get rid of your old and unused clutter, but it will also give you the opportunity to visualise how best to position your furniture and how to incorporate new storage solutions to keep your office tidier in the future.

According to American Express, there are many ways to optimise your office space, from moving digital to enhancing natural lighting. However, most of these are made far easier by an office clearance which provides a fresh start for positive changes - both big and small.