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Clearing and tidying your office is a tedious task, but maintaining a tidy office is somewhat more challenging. We are all guilty of spending days deep cleaning our office, only to be sat two weeks later beneath piles of paperwork and clutter once again. Here are some simple yet effective tips for long term office tidiness.

1. Start storing online

For those championing a more eco-friendly workspace, paperwork has become a rarity in recent years, with most documents stored online instead. By moving to an online storage system such as the cloud, or a drive, all documents can be quickly and easily restricted or shared between staff - meaning one digital copy can be collaborated on and viewed widely within the office.

Storing your documents online is also a far more secure way to protect your data and content, since it can be deleted and restored on demand. So you can say goodbye to missing files and printing malfunctions, making your office a far more efficient place to work!

2. Find good storage solutions

Seeking out the best storage solutions is essential to decluttering your office space. To do this, you may need to call in professional office clearance experts to assist you in reorganising your office space, which may include disposing of office furniture. In particular, consider doing the following:

3. Pin boards

Paper waste and clutter are the main culprits of an untidy office, with important paperwork spread throughout, waiting to be picked up once again. However, your paperwork doesn’t have to take over your desk. Using a pin board is the perfect way to keep paperwork out of sight, whilst also keeping it organised and readily available.

Since the space available on the pin board is limited, doing this will push you to consider which paper work is really worth keeping. As a general rule, try to only keep the items you use regularly throughout the day on your desk, removing any that you might only need occasionally.

Not only that, but the decor that makes our workspace more homely can also be lifted, sparing staff of their precious desk space.

4. Routine Clearing

Making a habit of tidying is a perfect way to keep your office fresh. In fact, many offices operate a clean desk policy which requires all employees to clear their desks at the end of each working day to ensure clutter is organised and papers are filed routinely. One of the main benefits of this is the habit of safeguarding client and company information by filing it responsibly. However, it does have psychological benefits too, with studies widely associating a tidy desk with greater productivity levels and lower stress levels.

5. Make separate space

Finally, we recommend leaving your baggage at the door, literally. Separating your work space and relaxation space is widely advised due to the psychological benefits of doing so. However, removing all unnecessary items such as coats, bags and waste from the office space also makes far more room for the stuff you really need and makes routine cleaning a far more manageable task.